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ETCETERA® Private Cloud

Explore ScerIS’s ETCETERA® Private Cloud Solutions – your gateway to superior, dedicated hosting for multi-departmental or enterprise-wide needs. Tailored for organizations requiring robust simultaneous access by numerous concurrent users, our Private Cloud offering ensures complete physical isolation at all cloud layers. Benefit from a secure, dedicated private application server(s) exclusively for ETCETERA® modules, available on a licensed or subscription basis. Our flexible server and storage configurations are customized to your specifications, be it virtual or physical server environments.

ETCETERA® by ScerIS is your comprehensive platform bridging the functionality gap beyond your core ERP applications. It’s not merely a document management system but a versatile platform facilitating a wide array of online applications adept at managing diverse business processes. With ETCETERA®, unveil the potential of dynamic key performance indicators, dashboards, visualizations, and reports, all designed to drive your business forward.

Whether developing new applications, orchestrating work queues for varied business processes, or initiating any business operation, ETCETERA® provides a conducive environment for all. Experience a seamless workflow with designated work queues presenting pending tasks to individuals, thereby promoting efficiency and productivity.

Incorporate the document management, content management, and content-enabled work processes ETCETERA® is renowned for. Choose the components that align with your organizational needs to effectively manage your monthly expenses. Within the ETCETERA® Private Cloud, enjoy the exclusivity as all ScerIS applications are dedicated solely to your organization, inclusive of servers for ETCETERA® applications, SQL, and SVG file conversions.

Discover more about the unparalleled benefits of the ETCETERA® Platform by clicking here, and elevate your document and process management to a new pinnacle of efficiency and security.