Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services/IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides physical computing resources and the ability to scale services up or down to meet customer requirements.  Physical and/or virtual servers are available with a number of standard configurations along with disk for boot drives and file or object storage.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) expands upon IaaS providing operating system software, SQL and other Microsoft software products for customers wishing to pay monthly rather than install their licensed software products.

ScerIS IaaS/PaaS is provided in Equinix data centers where these resources are managed and available to customers who install and manage their operating systems and application software(s).

The Egenera Processing Area Network (PAN) data center management software enables resource provisioning, and management and protection of the IT infrastructure.  This software provides powerful management and policy-based automation so that ScerIS can offload routine management tasks, freeing the ScerIS staff and improving the service levels delivered back to ScerIS customers.

PAN Manager® simplifies datacenter infrastructure and management by creating flexible pools of compute, I/O, networking and storage resources.  PAN Manager’s VMI technology provides one click provisioning of both physical and virtual servers –without the need to separately license, pay for and manage a hypervisor.  From the PAN manager GUI, individual resources from these pools can be assigned a profile or personality.  Each profile contains the application configuration and service level requirements.  Once a profile is activated, PAN manager will actively monitor and automatically manage the infrastructure in order to meet the capacity, availability and response time requirements set by the customer.

This software’s powerful discovery, server creation, High Availability and Disaster Recovery facilities provide a wire-once, always-on environment that supports both virtualized as well as native operating environments.