QuickPOST is a fully integrated workflow environment for rapid invoice processing.

Capturing invoice data unique to the invoice is always necessary, such as for the Invoice Number and Invoice Date. Identifying the Vendor ID/# is simplified with a zip look-up into the Master Vendor File. Typically a Zip+4 will get you the matching vendor, but a quick review of the remit-to address downloaded will validate the vendor, or cue the associate to a possible new vendor.

After capturing required data, the associate may apply account coding to the details of the invoice, or that may be a requirement of your managers.

Once completed by the AP associate, just route to the appropriate manager by selecting them from a list or use the Workflow Agent to route based on account codes.


Capturing invoices is accomplished with scanning, importing or automatically importing invoices (such as those submitted to an email address). OCR using Dynamic Data Capture can be used to automate data capture and prefill selected data values. The overriding value of QuickPOST is that invoice processing is “quick” using the features built into each QuickPOST environment.

Data fields are configurable to your unique requirements.

Example QuickPOST Process

In Production Description
Invoice Number (“TAB”) Invoice Number: 6 Characters
Invoice Date (“TAB”) Invoice Date: 9 Characters
(“TAB”) Zip+4 (“ALT V”)

Sight Verify Vendor Remit-To
Selection (“TAB”)

Vendor Selection: 11 Characters
  • View the invoice – check for remit to zip. If the remit to zip has 5+4 characters, then leave the Vendor Name field blank and “TAB” to the zip field. Enter the 5+4 ZIP “TAB” to find a match in the Master Vendor file. If one vendor is a match it autofills the remit to data into the cells, and an AP associate can review and validate the address.
  • If the zip presented is just 5 characters enter the first two letters in the Vendor Name field of the Vendor Name “TAB”, then enter the 5 character ZIP “TAB”. “ALT V” performs a lookup to your Master Vendor file.
  • If it’s a new vendor or new vendor remit to address for an existing vendor, capture the data.
  • Invoices with new vendor or vendor change information are routed for Master Vendor file maintenance.
  • “TAB”
(“ALT A”) Select Account Code (“TAB”) Account Code Selection: 2 Characters. To enter the account code, enter “ALT A” for a list that can be filtered and account code selected, then “TAB”.
Description (“TAB”) Description: 23 Characters
Amount (“TAB”) Amount: 8 Characters
Additional Detail Lines: If detail must be distributed across account codes, just enter “TAB” after entering the amount to go to the next row. QuickPOST provides for a predetermined number of rows, but if more are needed just select the ADD button to create additional rows.
Sub Total: This is a calculated field
Freight: No Characters. Note the box to the right of Freight; checking the box results in a short pay.
Tax (“TAB”) Sales Tax: 6 Characters. Note the box to the right of Sales Tax; checking the box results in a short pay.
Total: This is a calculated field.
Select Route To from List Selection (Note: Route to can be automated based on data fields in QuickPOST)
Estimated – 64 Characters keyed to post and route