ETCETERA® – Revolutionizing Document Management
and Automation

The ETCETERA® Platform is your ultimate solution for automating intricate document management processes. From document selection, assembly, and delivery to advanced robotic process automation, ETCETERA is designed to streamline your operations and ensure precision in every task. Whether you need to dynamically assemble complex document sets or automatically ingest data and documents, this platform has you covered.

Automating Document Selection, Assembly, and Delivery:

  • Dynamic Document Assembly: Effortlessly compile complex sets of documents tailored to specific recipient requirements. The platform’s intelligent system dynamically assembles the necessary documents for each unique scenario.
  • Recipient-Specific Management: Customize and manage document delivery requirements not only by recipient company but also by individual users within those companies, ensuring precise and personalized document distribution.
  • Digitized Delivery: Deliver digitized documents efficiently through email relay, or choose to print and mail physical copies, accommodating all delivery preferences.

AutoRun/Robotic Process Automation:

  • Automatic Data Ingestion: Seamlessly ingest data from various sources, minimizing manual entry and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Automatic Document Ingestion: Automatically capture and integrate documents into the system, streamlining the document management process.
  • Batch Creator: Efficiently create batches of documents for processing, saving time and improving operational efficiency.
  • Automated Email Extraction: Extract data from emails automatically, ensuring that no critical information is missed.
  • Customized Data File Export: Export data files tailored to your specific needs, providing flexibility and ease of use in data handling.