ScerIS Pinnacle Program FAQ

A:  The “pinnacle” is the highest possible point. We referenced it as a way to describe helping our SP2 partners achieve “Peak” performance.

A: Only for whatever licenses are used. There’s no cost for the granted software licenses, but as you begin to improve your business processes with the use of the granted licensing the annual software maintenance cost of 18% of list price will apply to the software employed in those improvements. Note that you don’t need to download the software until you need it, and the licenses can be drawn down like a bank account. You will only pay maintenance on the actual licensing that is in use.

A: We freely grant software based on FTE headcount. However, you can use that value to license the software based on concurrent users instead of named users/headcount. Typically companies have between 4 and 20 named users for every concurrent user license – so you might never have to license any additional users or modules depending on your company and simultaneous access needed to the system. But if you do require more licenses, participants in SP2 receive a 25% discount off list price. As an unheard of bonus, you can also recover license fees paid for competitive products if requiring additional licenses of ETCETERA®.

A: That wasn’t easy. We looked at the value of the licenses granted on an enterprise wide basis. With licensing costs being front-end loaded we decided to front load the grant with $20,000 which grew to $50,000 so that the program would be as attractive to small and medium sized businesses as it is to large businesses.

A: We have developed a framework for understanding current costs, deficiencies in current programs & processes and for setting up new principles that apply to how decisions affecting certain parts of the business will be enacted in the future. There is a charge for this service of $5,000 plus $25 per full time employee. So, an organization with 100 employees will have a cost of $7,500 for this truly invaluable service that we call THE VISION.

A: If you need additional software in excess of your grant, it is discounted 25% from list price. However, whatever the amount of granted software licenses, our ability to deploy with “concurrent user licensing” should already indicate just how far you can go with this platform as you solve business challenges and optimize your outcomes.

A:  Our professional services group and business analysts will be working with you every step of the way. Their work will include software installation, setting up business processes, training and documentation. One of our goals is to get one of your employees trained to manage the system so there’s less of a reliance on us.

A: The ETCETERA® platform is a no-code solution for your enterprise and can be used for “everything else”, hence the name. Typically, companies have multiple single-use applications employed for the processes that fall outside of your core system like ERP, EHR, LIS, etc. Those applications, with their attendant costs for hardware, user licenses, support and maintenance, can be retired and replaced by ETCETERA® with its functionality of enterprise content management, enterprise process management and workflow and enterprise business intelligence. Build only what you need and build in the way that users want, not the way the other systems dictate.

A: Regardless of your size, there are enormous benefits in adopting the approach the SP2 program promotes. A comment about the value can be found in the following statement from the CIO at General Motors:

Too many times the businesses and even IT executives sell ourselves short. The possibilities to differentiate ourselves are endless. We can provide a better experience, drive out costs and efficiencies, and put more capabilities in the hands of our employees.”

A: Yes, the SP2 Master Services Agreement outlines the arrangement between our companies and documents the value of our software licenses obligation to your company. As you use our other products or services there may be some other agreements that are necessary. For each successive project done under the auspices of the SP2 program, an additional Statement of Work will be mutually authored.
A:  There is no time limit to improving your business is there? So too, there is no time limit on accessing the software granted to you in the SP2 program. The program is designed to promote and accelerate innovation for our clients so there is an expectation of a forward trajectory in adopting the platform for process improvement and cost reduction. You won’t save anything unless you have the conviction to action so we expect that you will be conducting a minimum of six to eight improvement efforts per year but those efforts and timing for them will be part of THE VISION created and the subsequent project plan to act on THE VISION.
A:  One of the fundamental considerations of SP2 is how you consolidate multiple applications into the ETCETERA® platform, and the elimination of existing document management systems is expected if you are to achieve the goals you’ve established in SP2 and in your VISION. As a special bonus, as you consolidate current document management and business process management systems into this platform you can convert your prior license purchases to licenses of ETCETERA® above the granted value.

A:  The only limitation is your imagination. You should replace single-use, disconnected silos of technology with an integrated dynamic platform, consolidate hardware, reduce support and maintenance requirements and costs while promoting innovation not proliferation. You should also consider how you expand core enterprise system functionality and evaluate using the ETCETERA® platform in lieu of customizing systems that weren’t meant to be customized.

A:  Of course, the savings are going to be based on what you need or want to do to digitally transform your business. As a starter, you will save the amount of the software grant, the cost of multiple silos of hardware, software, support and maintenance and if you migrate to our cloud, the savings are even greater. Your savings will be in direct proportion to your engagement with ScerIS. As a target, between $500 and $2500 annually per full time employee would be a place to start, however, we have achieved these results with just departmental initiatives – so savings in P3 can be substantially more.

A:  With a diverse solution playbook, the Pinnacle Partner Program sets out that ScerIS will become one of your core partners supplying consulting, software, hardware and managed or outsourced services. Your commitment is to allow us to participate in technology purchases providing our pricing is competitive with alternative suppliers.

A:  Whether it is a question about outsourced scanning services, lock box processing of transactions on either side of the ledger, cloud services and hosting or our software platform, ScerIS has the support team to make sure you are protected. Our U.S based Help Desk provides core services. Contact us by phone, email or text and we are there to support you.

A:  There is a saying that “everything that is measured improves” and we believe that it is an operational imperative that should be part of THE VISION. But everyone measures and interprets metrics differently and you understand your business much better than we do. THE VISION will provide us with a measure of what is possible, but you will tell us how you want to measure improvement based on what makes your company better.

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