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Customers in the Pinnacle Program receive a license grant of its full stack ETCETERA® platform in the amount of $500 or more per full time employee. Customers may apply this amount to any mix of ETCETERA® licenses to achieve their goals.

Why is ScerIS Providing Grants of its Software Platform, ETCETERA®?

ScerIS’ primary goals in this partnership program are to:

  • deliver to each Customer an unrivalled and quantifiable benefit, and
  • become each Customer’s most valued partner


Introducing the ScerIS Pinnacle Program (SP2), a gateway for healthcare, business, and government entities of diverse scales to achieve peak operational performance via all-encompassing, integrated information management and streamlined business process management. Any organization aiming to deploy the ETCETERA® platform enterprise wide is automatically eligible for this initiative.

Within SP2, a collaborative endeavor unfolds between ScerIS and the Pinnacle Program Customer (Customer), meticulously planning, innovating, and chasing process efficiencies. This collaboration fuels enhanced employee satisfaction, superior financial outcomes, risk mitigation, and brisk innovation for every Customer. The cardinal objective of our joint venture is to empower customers aspiring for self-sufficiency with robust tools for prompt response to business exigencies and the deployment of refined processes, amplifying their competitive stance.

SP2 Customers usually eye a target ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, or beyond, per employee in net annualized savings. To facilitate Customers in realizing these savings, ScerIS:

  • Contributes a license of its all-encompassing ETCETERA® platform, valued at $500 or more per Full-Time Employee Equivalent (FTE), the licensing modules being solely determined by the Customer. Customers have the liberty to apply this grant towards any combination of ETCETERA® licenses, aligning with their objectives. These licenses can be hosted on the ScerIS cloud (ScerIS Global Access), within the Customer’s network, or on the Customer’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Trims software maintenance fees by 1 percentage point annually from the third year onwards, dwindling down to a mere 15%.

This license grant marks ScerIS’s inaugural contribution towards propelling SP2 Customers towards markedly improved financial vistas. Cherishing each Customer’s engagement, ScerIS acknowledges the economy of scale, non-linear nature of software support costs, and generously shares a slice of the cost reduction with Customers under this program, a move that is unparalleled in the software realm.

Moreover, ScerIS brings to the table 30 years of innovation and profound process optimization expertise, offering Customers a spectrum of transformative services engineered to foster simplified and accountable business process enhancements.


The ETCETERA® Platform has emerged as a game-changer in the way companies augment their core systems. It presents a singular product, serving as a foundation for constructing a myriad of solutions tailored for any department or function throughout the enterprise, effectively tackling the processes and tasks left unattended by their core systems. This innovation has empowered IT Departments nationwide to bid farewell to the multitude of point systems and technology silos previously employed, achieving unparalleled enterprise-wide functionality at a diminished cost and effort. By encapsulating this expansive functionality within a singular platform, ETCETERA® has significantly streamlined operational workflows, marking a substantial stride towards enhanced technological integration and efficiency.

SP2 Customers Enjoy the Following

Complimentary Software Licenses. ScerIS generously provides each Pinnacle Program Customer with a grant of software licenses for its ETCETERA® Application Platform, valued at $500 or more per Full-Time Employee Equivalent (FTE). Each Customer has the autonomy to determine the total licensing amount essential to meet their objectives and achieve their desired outcomes. The ETCETERA® platform not only refines internal processes but also enhances interactions with third parties like vendors, customers, patients, and constituents, promoting a seamless operational flow.

License Adjustments. Once enrolled in the Pinnacle Program, Customers retain the privilege to augment their software license as needed, sans any license fee, even if the program ceases to exist in the future. They can elevate license requisites at any moment to accommodate additional users or software modules, with the only extra cost being software maintenance.

Truing Up. ScerIS and each Customer will evaluate licensing annually and adjust for increases or decreases in Customer’s headcount without a corresponding license fee.

Software Maintenance. In the initial two years, the maintenance fee for the gifted software licenses is pegged at 20% of the list price if settled annually, or 2% if paid monthly. For instance, with a granted value of $500 per FTE, the annual maintenance fee for the first two years stands at $100 per FTE if paid annually, or $10 per FTE if paid monthly. Starting from the third year, the annual software maintenance fee will taper off by 1 percentage point annually until it hits the 15% mark. For those opting for monthly maintenance payments, a reduction of 0.1 percentage point kicks in from month 25, continuing annually thereafter, until the fee narrows down to 1.5%.

Application of Licenses. Customers have the liberty to allocate their granted value towards either concurrent user or named user licenses. The flexibility extends to having multiple deployments of the software, and inclusivity of third parties (like customers, patients, vendors, etc.) in utilizing the software, broadening the scope and impact of the ETCETERA® platform across your organizational ecosystem.

Professional Services: Pinnacle Program Customers receive the benefit of reduced Professional and Support Service Rates.

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