What Sets Us Apart?

Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS) VS SaaS:  SaaS applications hosted in the cloud often include preconfigured solutions providing for quick implementations but with minimal customizations, if any.  If you think that the software company knows what’s best for how you want to work, SaaS may be for you.  On the other hand, MSaaS applications are flexible and easily configured to provide a customized solution to fit your requirments.  Although MSaaS customers typically own a softwarelicense, in the ScerIS MSaaS Cloud, users have a simple subscription that includes all the benefits of the licensed software.  In addition to this core platform, services available include implementations, training and support to help each customer maximize their benefits when using the ETCETERA® Software Platform.

While nearly every SaaS product offers pricing per user, the ScerIS MSaaS subscription is available on a concurrent user basis.  This means that you can have unlimited users registered to use the system but are only purchasing a subscription for the number of users that might need access to the system at the very same time.  Customers sometimes have 50 to 100 or more named users per concurrent user saving them significantly in software licensing or software subscriptions, depending on how they have acquired use of the ETCETERA® Software Platform.

The ETCETERA® Software Platform provides for viewing of approximately 100 different document formats. Some of the most common include TIF, JPEG, PDF, Word, Excel, CAD, and so on.  These documents are presented for viewing in an SVG viewer that is mobile friendly, thus plugins or browsers are not required to display documents.

The ETCETERA® MSaaS environment provides for connecting local scanners directly to your folders in the cloud.  This provides for a production oriented scan capture environment.

Your system can be set up to include downloaded files used for reference files, such as client or patient, employee, vendor or customers data files (i.e. Master Vendor File used for indexing invoices).

Files can be associated with other documents.  (i.e.  Vendor Invoices and the Subsequent Payment file from the A/P system) so that a single request returns all related/matching documents in a single step.

One client instance can provide for managing the documents across the enterprise, for all departments and all processes with user permissions managing and controlling document access.  Alternatively, separate instances of the platform can be established for each department.

The ETCETERA® Software Platform provides for a Banner type presentation with a tabbed organization of all related documents.  This presentation doesn’t require the identification of each document to its corresponding tab – it’s automated.  Applicable to Employee Files, Patient Records, Vendor Records, Customer Records, etc.

Drop down lists and ODBC connections to master data files accelerate indexing while ensuring standardization of index values.

Security is automatically applied to folders and to documents.  User level security can identify the specific documents within a class of documents available for viewing by that individual.  Additionally, medical records for employees/employee families, if they need to be additionally protected, can be so that only authorized employees see these files.

Tracking of user activities provides for compliance.  The system provides for tracking of all search results, documents viewed, etc by user.

For organizations that need to track documents provided to other entities, the folder can be configured to require the ROI be completed for any document exports, and the ROI screen is configured with standard reasons.

MSaaS ECM Subscription Alternatives1


Description Monthly Annually 3-Year Term2
Paid Monthly
2 CU Minimum
ECM: Import, Index, Commit, and Retrieve Documents. Configure unlimited folders. Store Unlimited Documents. Apply security to folders and to documents. Establish users providing granular user permissions controls. Extend access to employees, vendors, customers and patients. Includes 100GB storage per concurrent user. 1st CU:
Additional CUs:
System Implementation, Initial Configurations, Guidance on Establishing User Accounts, Training and Hours used for direct support to set up folders, indexes, users and provide training to key system administrator/user. Minimum hours for each set up is 20. Additional hours are available in support packs. $4000 $4000 $111
Scanning Interface Options
L1 – Up to 30PPM (Per Scanner) Per Scanner: $21 $210 $18
L2 – 31PPM to 60PPM (Per Scanner) Per Scanner: $55 $550 $46
L3 – Greater than 60PPM (Per Scanner) Per Scanner: $85 $850 $71
2D Barcode Recognition (unlimited) Unlimited Scanners: $126 $1,260 $105
Call for Assistance to learn about the following add-ons:
Configure address books for recipients of documents (and document sets) and configure processes unique to each process requirement for digital document delivery and printing as applicable. Call for Pricing
SEAMLESS INTEGRATION Can define extraction of data from dialog box/web pages. All Seamless applications need to be tested to validate that seamless integration will work with the targeted application(s). Requires Primary System Default User Access if used by anonymous users (not required for named users validated in ECM). Chrome Plugin Support Available. Call for Pricing
Jobs (Per Each)
AUTORUN – Base Module and RPA Configurations Including EDI Structured Output. Call for Pricing
SELF REGISTRATION Self Registration Request for ECM Access – Default User Landing Page for Requesting a User Account (usually by external parties). Call for Pricing
FTPS Automated Upload to/Download from FTPS Server for Access by Customer. Call for Pricing

1. Includes 100GB storage per Concurrent User. Additional storage is simply invoiced at $0.17 per additional GB Monthly. If you are in an annual plan or the 3 year financing plan, additional charges for storage and for any changes to your subscription are presented in separate monthly invoices for payment.

2. Requires credit review and approval by funding source.