ETCETERA® Access &
Pricing Alternatives

ScerIS offers multiple ways in which customers may access the ETCETERA® software platform. Besides supporting on-premises implementations for customers requiring this, ScerIS offers three standard implementations of the ETCETERA® software platform: MSaaS ECM, Dedicated Hosted Server and Dedicated Hosted Virtual Domain. Learn more about each option using the buttons below.

Every Customer has a
Dedicated Database

No matter the environment each customer at ScerIS benefits from a dedicated database, ensuring complete data separation. This strict separation not only enhances security but also facilitates seamless migration between environments. Whether transitioning from MSaaS to a Dedicated Hosted Virtual Server, a separate hosted domain, or an On-Premises server, the process is straightforward and efficient.

Platforms for ETCETERA®

MSaaS provides for ETCETERA® ECM functionality, while On-Premises, Dedicated Hosted Servers and Dedicated Hosted Domains accommodate ETCETERA® ECM and ETCETERA® EPM functionality.

Canon Scanners






ScerIS offers special pricing on Canon scanners for ETCETERA® licensees and subscribers, including simple lease to own financing for qualified businesses.

Talk to an Expert

To get a full understanding of the alternatives available and guidance based on your requirements, connect with one of our knowledgeable experts.