ETCETERA® Access &
Pricing Alternatives

ScerIS offers multiple ways in which customers may access the ETCETERA® software platform. Besides supporting on-premises implementations for customers requiring this, ScerIS offers five standard implementations of the ETCETERA® software platform: MSaaS ECM, Dedicated Hosted Server, Dedicated Hosted Server with the ScerIS Pinnacle Program, Dedicated Hosted Virtual Domain and Dedicated Hosted Virtual Domain with the Pinnacle Program. Learn more about each option using the buttons below.

Every Customer has a
Dedicated Database

No matter the environment, every customer has a dedicated database. No customer data is ever intermingled in ScerIS systems. Besides the added protection this provides to customers, our model embracing completely separate databases by customer also supports the easy migration from one environment to another, if ever needed. As an example, moving from MSaaS to a Dedicated Hosted Virtual Server or a completely separate hosted domain or even to an On-Premises server is easily accomplished.

Platforms for ETCETERA®

MSaaS provides for ETCETERA® ECM functionality, while On-Premises, Dedicated Hosted Servers and Dedicated Hosted Domains accommodate ETCETERA® ECM and ETCETERA® EPM functionality.

Implementation Alternatives for
Pinnacle Community Partners

Customers benefitting from the ScerIS Pinnacle Program have On-Premises, Dedicated Hosted Servers and Dedicated Hosted Domains to choose from.

Canon Scanners






ScerIS offers special pricing on Canon scanners for ETCETERA® licensees and subscribers, including simple lease to own financing for qualified businesses.

Talk to an Expert

To get a full understanding of the alternatives available and guidance based on your requirements, connect with one of our knowledgeable experts.