8:56 am 27/04/20

Beaumont Breach Puts 112k at Risk


The personal information 112,000 people who were treated at Beaumont Health was potentially compromised in a phishing email data breach that dates back nearly a year, the state's largest hospital system announced Friday... Learn more about the data breach [...]

Beaumont Breach Puts 112k at Risk2022-03-15T11:41:03-04:00
11:17 am 10/11/15

Data Security – the New “Dirty Words” for IT Teams?


"With each passing hack, data breach, insider threat, exposure of personally identifiable information (PII), or other similar security slip, IT teams around the world are collectively holding their breath, waiting for that one inevitable question from their superiors: “If [...]

Data Security – the New “Dirty Words” for IT Teams?2022-03-15T08:29:56-04:00
12:53 pm 15/09/15

Lessons from the Sony Breach


After suffering one of the biggest and most public cybersecurity breaches in history, what lessons can we take from Sony Pictures Entertainment's 2014 data breach to minimize our all of our risk in the future? Tom DeSot, Executive Vice [...]

Lessons from the Sony Breach2022-03-15T08:28:34-04:00
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