1:34 pm 07/07/21

Apple to Test Hybrid Workplace


"The company [Apple] wants employees back in the office three days a week, but will offer flexible support for remote work in company-wide pilot project..." Read the entire article by Jonny Evans by clicking here. What do you think? [...]

Apple to Test Hybrid Workplace2021-07-02T09:57:20-04:00
12:31 pm 16/09/20

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Worsening


"New research from ESG and ISSA illustrates a lack of advancement in bridging the cybersecurity skill shortage gap. For the past four years, ESG and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) collaborated on a research project focused on the experiences, [...]

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Worsening2020-08-31T12:12:01-04:00
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