8:19 am 27/05/21

Agile Knowledge Management and Devops Teams


“Working software over comprehensive documentation” is the second value stated in the Agile Manifesto. The Manifesto’s signatories were fighting against the business and technical requirements documents synonymous with waterfall software development projects. They recognized these documents were a symptom [...]

Agile Knowledge Management and Devops Teams2021-04-13T08:23:18-04:00
2:50 pm 21/10/20

The 4 Software Development KPIs that Matter Right Now


"If only measuring software development productivity and tracking team performance were as simple as counting lines of code or hours worked. But the efficiency of software engineering teams, as with any technical or creative work, cannot be measured in quantity [...]

The 4 Software Development KPIs that Matter Right Now2020-08-31T12:11:13-04:00
9:27 am 22/10/19

More Than a Buzzword


More than just the latest buzzword or development lingo, learn the role DevSecOps (Development, Security and Operations) plays and what benefits it offers your IT organization in a recent CIO magazine article accessible here. What do you think? Let us [...]

More Than a Buzzword2020-08-31T12:30:46-04:00
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