Employee retention: 10 strategies for retaining top talent

A comprehensive employee retention program is a key differentiator in tight talent markets. Here’s how to reduce employee turnover, retain top talent, and establish an engaged workforce.

Employee retention is an organization’s ability to keep its employees under contract, making for a more stable, productive workforce. Companies that are serious about retaining their talent establish policies and programs aimed at reducing employee turnover. Those that succeed in achieving high employee retention rates operate at an advantage both in meeting business goals and in recruiting new hires. A well-establish, well-executed employee retention strategy is a key competitive differentiator, as a company’s ability to hold on to its talent — especially in tight hiring markets — has profound ramifications for its ability to operate at a high level, without the disruptions that employee turnover bring.

IT departments in particular have been ramping up efforts to retain valuable employees in the face of ongoing talent gap issues, according to CIOs and enterprise hiring managers…

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