8:21 am 17/12/19

CIOs Share Top Stragetic Priorities


We found a very interesting article in CIO magazine online in which IT leaders working in the healthcare, retail and technology sectors share their strategic priorities for 2020. The commonalities between them might surprise you! Learn about their priorities [...]

CIOs Share Top Stragetic Priorities2022-03-15T11:22:24-04:00
11:17 am 25/04/17

More than 75% of Ransomware Found in Only 4 industries


A recent report has found that 77% of all detected ransomware globally was in four main industry sectors – business & professional services (28%), government (19%), health care (15%) and retail (15%). Read an overview of the report recently published [...]

More than 75% of Ransomware Found in Only 4 industries2022-03-15T09:18:08-04:00
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