8:45 am 10/02/21

Pandemic Changing Approaches to Risk


"Security planning and budgeting is always an adventure. You can assess current risk and project the most likely threats, but the only real constant in cybersecurity risk is its unpredictability. Layer a global pandemic on top of that and CISOs [...]

Pandemic Changing Approaches to Risk2020-12-04T14:01:01-04:00
9:49 am 22/12/20

Different Ways to be a Ransomware Victim, and How to Avoid Them


"Ransomware is once again in the news. Attackers are reportedly targeting health care providers and are using targeted phishing campaigns disguised as meeting invites or invoices that contain links to Google documents, which then lead to PDFs with links to [...]

Different Ways to be a Ransomware Victim, and How to Avoid Them2020-11-19T12:44:10-04:00
2:51 pm 02/12/20

Cyberattack Attribution Pitfalls


"Attack attribution is always difficult as criminal groups often share code and techniques, and nation-state actors excel at deception. Here, security researchers share their techniques and common pitfalls. Attributing cyberattacks to a particular threat actor is challenging, particularly an intricate [...]

Cyberattack Attribution Pitfalls2020-10-20T14:54:16-04:00
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