8:19 am 27/05/21

Agile Knowledge Management and DevOps Teams


Agile Knowledge Management and DevOps Teams “Working software over comprehensive documentation” is the second value stated in the Agile Manifesto. The Manifesto’s signatories were fighting against the business and technical requirements documents synonymous with waterfall software development projects. They [...]

Agile Knowledge Management and DevOps Teams2022-03-15T13:16:21-04:00
8:58 am 19/05/21

Using Analytics to Improve Outcomes


Using Analytics to Improve Outcomes "Forward-thinking PMOs recognize the need for project decisions to be supported by data. Here’s what you need to know to become more data savvy in driving better project outcomes." Read the entire article by Moira [...]

Using Analytics to Improve Outcomes2022-03-15T12:27:42-04:00
3:19 pm 12/05/20

IoT in Healthcare


"Healthcare CIOs’ budgeting for IoT devices is surging. Uses range from managing hospital facilities, medicines and medical equipment to monitoring patients’ locations, vitals and symptoms, with increased efficiency and data accuracy". A recent article in Computer World magazine online [...]

IoT in Healthcare2022-03-15T11:39:00-04:00
11:20 am 21/04/20

Most Hospital’s Infrastructure Software Outdated?


We recently read a short but insightful article summarizing a recent study that showed 83 percent of hospital infrastructure is running outdated software vulnerable to cyber-attack. The main culprits - 56% of those systems are currently running Windows 7 [...]

Most Hospital’s Infrastructure Software Outdated?2022-03-15T11:43:50-04:00
10:31 am 06/04/20

Preparing the Way


A recent article in CIO magazine suggests that despite the uncertainties centered around the COVID-19 outbreak now is NOT the time for CIO's and IT Executives to do nothing and wait out the storm. Learn how your organization can [...]

Preparing the Way2022-03-15T11:45:35-04:00
9:26 am 18/03/20



QuickPOST offers Accounts Payable departments a fully integrated workflow environment for rapid invoice processing. Learn how to reduce the cost of invoice processing by $1 - $2 per invoice while saving time and enhancing early pay discount potential. Available [...]

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