1:11 pm 02/08/19

Municipal Injustice


The last year has seen an uptick in ransomware attacks on local governments, the latest striking one of the offices in the State of Georgia's court system. Experts believe this does not underlie an increase in targeting of municipal bodies, [...]

Municipal Injustice2022-03-15T10:57:05-04:00
11:17 am 25/04/17

More than 75% of Ransomware Found in Only 4 industries


A recent report has found that 77% of all detected ransomware globally was in four main industry sectors – business & professional services (28%), government (19%), health care (15%) and retail (15%). Read an overview of the report recently published [...]

More than 75% of Ransomware Found in Only 4 industries2022-03-15T09:18:08-04:00
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