1:51 pm 05/05/21

CIOs Double Down on D&I to Build Stronger Businesses


"IT leaders are facilitating multi-pronged efforts to hire employees from underrepresented groups, though cultivating belonging remains a difficult — and often unfulfilled — task." Read the entire article by Clint Boulton by clicking here. What do you think? Let [...]

CIOs Double Down on D&I to Build Stronger Businesses2021-04-13T09:17:28-04:00
9:08 am 28/04/21

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ


"Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are now a top board concern, with employees and investors alike expecting companies to take an active role in improving society. CIOs have an opportunity to flex their data management expertise, serving as [...]

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ2021-04-13T09:17:35-04:00
9:59 am 03/03/21

HIPAA Explained


"HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a law passed in 1996 that transformed many of the ways in which the healthcare industry operated in the United States. The law had many important and far-reaching effects, but from [...]

HIPAA Explained2021-02-04T16:05:19-04:00
11:25 am 24/02/21

About the Latest Chrome Update


"Chrome 88 adds capabilities to the browser's password manager; streamlines permission requests from websites and ends support for an add-on that called up Internet Explorer to render old intranet websites and legacy apps." Read the entire article by Gregg [...]

About the Latest Chrome Update2021-02-04T15:59:21-04:00
9:42 am 03/02/21

Tips for Leading Multiple IT Projects Simultaneously


"Today's CIO can feel like a circus performer, simultaneously juggling multiple projects while making sure that none crash to the ground. The pandemic has placed added urgency to this issue, with work-from-home mandates colliding with the need to accelerate digital [...]

Tips for Leading Multiple IT Projects Simultaneously2020-12-04T13:44:35-04:00
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