8:45 am 09/06/21

Data Governance Best Practice


“Data governance defines roles, responsibilities, and processes for ensuring accountability for and ownership of data assets across the enterprise..." Read the entire article by Thor Olavsrud by clicking here. What do you think? Let us know. Blog Home [...]

Data Governance Best Practice2021-04-13T08:30:05-04:00
8:57 am 01/06/21

Elite IT Automation Teams 101


“From RPA to AI, automation has become a key IT priority. Here’s what to look for in building a versatile team suited to automating processes across your enterprise..." Read the entire article by Bob Violino by clicking here. What [...]

Elite IT Automation Teams 1012021-04-13T08:26:13-04:00
1:51 pm 05/05/21

CIOs Double Down on D&I to Build Stronger Businesses


"IT leaders are facilitating multi-pronged efforts to hire employees from underrepresented groups, though cultivating belonging remains a difficult — and often unfulfilled — task." Read the entire article by Clint Boulton by clicking here. What do you think? Let [...]

CIOs Double Down on D&I to Build Stronger Businesses2021-04-13T09:17:28-04:00
9:08 am 28/04/21

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ


"Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are now a top board concern, with employees and investors alike expecting companies to take an active role in improving society. CIOs have an opportunity to flex their data management expertise, serving as [...]

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ2021-04-13T09:17:35-04:00
9:59 am 03/03/21

HIPAA Explained


"HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a law passed in 1996 that transformed many of the ways in which the healthcare industry operated in the United States. The law had many important and far-reaching effects, but from [...]

HIPAA Explained2021-02-04T16:05:19-04:00
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