6:15 am 03/03/22

Succession planning: A CIO imperative


Succession Planning: A CIO ImperativeCIOs should always have half an eye on the future, especially it comes to succession planning — for their own careers as well as the good of their businesses.As far as professional development goes, Sarah Naqvi’s [...]

Succession planning: A CIO imperative2022-03-16T15:19:06-04:00
7:12 am 07/01/22

Tips for Better Business-IT Alignment


Tips for Better Business-IT Alignment "Has your enterprise fallen out of alignment? Telltale symptoms include pulling in the wrong direction, poor control, and perhaps worst of all, degrading productivity and results. When IT and business teams fail to align, [...]

Tips for Better Business-IT Alignment2022-03-15T14:02:20-04:00
1:05 pm 24/12/21

Compliance Mistakes to Avoid


Compliance Mistakes to Avoid "Compliance is a fact of life for just about every company — especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government. And while compliance is often under the mantel of legal, compliance, [...]

Compliance Mistakes to Avoid2022-03-15T14:04:32-04:00
7:25 am 10/09/21

Leveling Up Your IT Talent Strategy


Leveling Up Your IT Talent Strategy "The promise of technology advancements and digital transformation has helped CEOs finally recognize what the best CIOs have known all along: IT is the business. Is your talent strategy keeping pace? Fueled by [...]

Leveling Up Your IT Talent Strategy2022-03-15T12:42:52-04:00
8:45 am 09/06/21

Data Governance Best Practice


Data Governance Best Practice “Data governance defines roles, responsibilities, and processes for ensuring accountability for and ownership of data assets across the enterprise..." Learn more about data governance best practices by clicking here. What do you think? Let us [...]

Data Governance Best Practice2022-03-15T13:15:13-04:00
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