2:24 pm 11/03/20

Crittendon Services Case Study


Think achieving ROI in less than six months using the ETCETERA Platform us impossible? Guess again! Learn how ScerIS worked with Crittenden Services, Inc. implementing ETCETERA Enterprise Content Management to: Eliminate lost documents Improve Internal Controls Re-allocate back office [...]

Crittendon Services Case Study2022-03-15T11:12:40-04:00
7:48 pm 26/02/20

TRC Case Study


Learn how partnering with ScerIS became a $1,000,000 cost savings in only twelve months for the TRC Companies, a 4,000 person national engineering services, consulting and construction management firm headquartered in Windsor, CT. With over 500 active projects, there [...]

TRC Case Study2022-03-15T11:14:28-04:00
2:31 pm 05/02/20

City of Boston Case Study


ScerIS has successfully worked with several departments within the city of Boston, Massachusetts implementing ETCETERA Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that have: Eliminated lost, mis-filed and altered documents Eliminated handling of historical documents Provided secure desktop and web access to [...]

City of Boston Case Study2022-03-15T11:15:44-04:00
2:39 pm 22/01/20

D & H Distributing Case Study


How often does a project you're working on achieve in ROI in under a year? ScerIS and the ETCETERA Platform have a documented track record of just that in several cases! Learn how ScerIS worked with D & H [...]

D & H Distributing Case Study2022-03-15T11:17:26-04:00
2:49 pm 09/01/20

KLN Family Brands Case Study


ScerIS worked with KLN Family Brands in Perham, Minnesota on an AP Invoice Management Solution using the ETCETERA Platform that: Reduced invoice processing times by 50% Created a significant reduction in overtime hours Improved internal controls Leveraged remote scanning [...]

KLN Family Brands Case Study2022-03-15T11:20:08-04:00
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