Recognizing that every organization’s requirements for a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) are different, ETCETERA HRMS provides the platform for HRM Process Optimizations that support an organization’s unique requirements. Using ETCETERA HRMS all aspects of data, document, file and process management are configurable. As processes or data requirements change, system configurations are easily modified, often [...]

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Introducing ETCETERA QuickPost

QuickPOST offers Accounts Payable departments a fully integrated workflow environment for rapid invoice processing. Learn how to reduce the cost of invoice processing by $1 - $2 per invoice while saving time and enhancing early pay discount potential.Available as a SaaS offering in the ScerIS ETCETERA environment. You can access more information on ETCETERA QuickPost [...]

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ETCETERA Accounts Payable Optimization System (APOS) offers the most dynamic, flexible and accommodating solutions and services for optimizing Accounts Payable processes. ETCETERA APOS provides the platform for AAP Process Optimizations that address the unique requirements of each organization. Solutions are dynamic and scalable and can include automated dynamic data capture, online workflows, document management, outsourced [...]

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