9:08 am 28/04/21

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ


"Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are now a top board concern, with employees and investors alike expecting companies to take an active role in improving society. CIOs have an opportunity to flex their data management expertise, serving as [...]

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ2021-04-13T09:17:35-04:00
3:57 pm 07/04/21

IDG’s Think Tank: Key Findings from Top CIOs on Multicloud


"IDG recently invited 30 senior IT leaders to participate in our CIO Think Tank program to discuss their multicloud architecture goals along with the top challenges they face in making multicloud a reality. These conversations across six hours of [...]

IDG’s Think Tank: Key Findings from Top CIOs on Multicloud2021-04-13T09:24:51-04:00
8:07 am 10/03/21

SLA Mistakes IT Leaders Make


"From treating service-level agreements as a one-time exercise to failing to establish escape clauses, IT leaders should avoid these pitfalls when partnering with IT service and cloud partners to drive business value." Read the entire article by Stephanie Overby [...]

SLA Mistakes IT Leaders Make2021-02-04T18:09:34-04:00
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