8:04 am 30/09/21

CIOs Embrace Business-Led IT


CIOs Embrace Business-Led IT "Shadow IT no more: CIOs are increasingly welcoming technologies built or bought by business lines, while providing governance and vendor management support. IT leaders have long decried technology deployed outside of their purview as the [...]

CIOs Embrace Business-Led IT2022-03-15T14:13:28-04:00
6:49 am 27/08/21

Ransomware: Tried & True Defenses


Ransomware: Tried & True Defenses "The vast majority of the companies being attacked by ransomware have fewer than 1,000 employees. But with proper backups and local encryption, you can hold attackers off." Read about ransomware defenses in an article [...]

Ransomware: Tried & True Defenses2022-03-15T12:52:58-04:00
9:32 am 12/05/21

Top IT Spending in 2021


Top IT Spending in 2021 "IT budget priorities reflect the pandemic’s ongoing effects, with IT leaders earmarking more for improving remote work, expanding digital initiatives, and enhancing customer experience". Read the entire article by Johanna Ambrosio. What do you think? [...]

Top IT Spending in 20212022-03-15T12:28:07-04:00
9:08 am 28/04/21

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ


Raising your Company's ESG IQ"Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are now a top board concern, with employees and investors alike expecting companies to take an active role in improving society. CIOs have an opportunity to flex their data management [...]

Raising your Company’s ESG IQ2022-03-15T12:29:12-04:00
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