CIOs Embrace Business-Led IT

“Shadow IT no more: CIOs are increasingly welcoming technologies built or bought by business lines, while providing governance and vendor management support.

IT leaders have long decried technology deployed outside of their purview as the bane of their existence. This so-called shadow IT spurred heated arguments between CIOs who believed it was incumbent on them to lock down tech and business-line leaders who believed it was their right to buy or build software to support their work.

But the tide is turning for notable reasons. First, the rise of low-code and other automation tools that help “citizen developers” build applications is democratizing software development beyond IT’s control. Second, supporting this cohort of business technologists rather than cracking down on them can help lighten IT’s workload, which has grown unwieldy with the acceleration of digital business imperatives…”.

Read the article in CIO magazine by Clint Boulton – click here.

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