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Health Information Privacy (HIPPA) Explained


Health Information Privacy Laws Explained "HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a law passed in 1996 that transformed the ways in which the healthcare industry operated in the United States. The law had many important and far-reaching effects, [...]

Health Information Privacy (HIPPA) Explained2022-03-15T12:33:06-04:00
3:19 pm 12/05/20

IoT in Healthcare


"Healthcare CIOs’ budgeting for IoT devices is surging. Uses range from managing hospital facilities, medicines and medical equipment to monitoring patients’ locations, vitals and symptoms, with increased efficiency and data accuracy". A recent article in Computer World magazine online [...]

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11:20 am 21/04/20

Most Hospital’s Infrastructure Software Outdated?


We recently read a short but insightful article summarizing a recent study that showed 83 percent of hospital infrastructure is running outdated software vulnerable to cyber-attack. The main culprits - 56% of those systems are currently running Windows 7 [...]

Most Hospital’s Infrastructure Software Outdated?2022-03-15T11:43:50-04:00
8:21 am 17/12/19

CIOs Share Top Stragetic Priorities


We found a very interesting article in CIO magazine online in which IT leaders working in the healthcare, retail and technology sectors share their strategic priorities for 2020. The commonalities between them might surprise you! Learn about their priorities [...]

CIOs Share Top Stragetic Priorities2022-03-15T11:22:24-04:00
8:37 am 31/10/19

Hospital Acquisitions Benefit Infrastructure


A recent report by Charles River Associates (and sponsored by the American Hospital Association) concluded that hospital acquisitions improve the healthcare IT infrastructure needed for data-driven, value-based care... though not everybody agrees with the report's conclusions. To read the report [...]

Hospital Acquisitions Benefit Infrastructure2022-03-15T10:51:33-04:00
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