The Data Soup Dilemma

ScerIS helps clients in the hospitality industry make sense of the vast amounts of data they collect about their enterprise, enabling them to make properties as efficient as possible and maximize revenues. Learn more by reading Division President of ScerIS Informatics Dan Furbush's article on how ScerIS helps make sense of this "data soup" by [...]

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$400B Software Industry Disrupted

The marketplace for business software products in the United States is huge, estimated at over $400B in 2017. Enterprise Application Software (EAS) makes up a good portion of this amount. ERP, EHR, EAM, and other core products make up the bulk of the EAS market and are essential to how businesses run today. EAS has [...]

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TRC Case Study

Learn how partnering with ScerIS became a $1,000,000 cost savings in only twelve months for the TRC Companies, a 4,000 person national engineering services, consulting and construction management firm headquartered in Windsor, CT. With over 500 active projects, there was a lot of paperwork generated during each project’s life cycle. Each project had budgeted spending [...]

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“Process Improvement”?

Working with prospects and clients alike often starts by laying a foundation of mutual understanding by educating them about who we are, what we do and how we do it. One the most frequent questions we get during this process is "What is Process Improvement?". The University of New Hampshire's Information Technology department has published [...]

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Recognizing that every organization’s requirements for a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) are different, ETCETERA HRMS provides the platform for HRM Process Optimizations that support an organization’s unique requirements. Using ETCETERA HRMS all aspects of data, document, file and process management are configurable. As processes or data requirements change, system configurations are easily modified, often [...]

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Introducing ETCETERA QuickPost

QuickPOST offers Accounts Payable departments a fully integrated workflow environment for rapid invoice processing. Learn how to reduce the cost of invoice processing by $1 - $2 per invoice while saving time and enhancing early pay discount potential.Available as a SaaS offering in the ScerIS ETCETERA environment. You can access more information on ETCETERA QuickPost [...]

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ETCETERA Accounts Payable Optimization System (APOS) offers the most dynamic, flexible and accommodating solutions and services for optimizing Accounts Payable processes. ETCETERA APOS provides the platform for AAP Process Optimizations that address the unique requirements of each organization. Solutions are dynamic and scalable and can include automated dynamic data capture, online workflows, document management, outsourced [...]

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Turbo Charged Innovation at ScerIS

Learn how ScerIS is helping to reduce complexity in IT, allowing innovation to reign. "Complexity throughout IT has increased at an astounding rate. A plethora of point solutions, ERP customizations, application integrations, malware and ransomware, infrastructure updates and keeping compliant with state and federal requirements are but a few of the activities that burden nearly [...]

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