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Private 5G networks offer CIOs intriguing options


Private 5G Networks Offer CIOs Intriguing Options Public 5G networks are often touted as offering the ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLCC) needed for applications as diverse as industrial control, driverless cars, and virtual reality — but not all public 5G [...]

Private 5G networks offer CIOs intriguing options2022-03-16T15:08:42-04:00
1:28 pm 28/01/22

Secrets of Highly Innovative CIOs


Secrets of Highly Innovative CIOs “This ability for technology to innovate is probably one of the most important things for us,” he says. “The cornerstone of that is how technology facilitates speed and how it helps with the prototyping [...]

Secrets of Highly Innovative CIOs2022-03-15T13:59:44-04:00
1:05 pm 24/12/21

Compliance Mistakes to Avoid


Compliance Mistakes to Avoid "Compliance is a fact of life for just about every company — especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government. And while compliance is often under the mantel of legal, compliance, [...]

Compliance Mistakes to Avoid2022-03-15T14:04:32-04:00
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