12 IT Skills Paying the Highest Premiums Now

“As IT jobs grow increasingly complex, there’s more ambiguity surrounding how job titles are defined by any given company and how employers can compensate candidates in the same role with varying skillsets. Pay premiums help employers track the value of specific skills, so they know how competitive the market is for candidates with those skills and how much to offer on top of the base salary.

To keep a finger on the pulse of these premiums, Foote Partners has been tracking pay data on IT skills since 1999 to see which skills and certifications give the biggest boost at any given time. The Foote Partners quarterly IT Skills and Certification Pay Index report uses data provided by 3,805 private- and public-sector employers in US and Canadian cities to track gains and losses in market value and pay premiums for more than 1,000 tech skills and certifications…”.

Learn about the IT skills that are paying the highest premiums by clicking here.

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